Michael and I recently brewed with our friends Chris and Amanda at their house, competing to make two clones of Stone’s Xocoveza stout. Xocoveza is a milk stout infused with chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, chile pepper, and coffee. We used different grain bills but the same spices with similar addition schedules.

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The Weatherman: A weird windswept winter wonder

This brew day, we made Michael’s recipe for a spiced winter saison with star aniseed, dates, orange zest and honey based loosely on this recipe from the Mad Fermentationist. Michael’s been wanting to experiment with extra ingredients for a while, but I was sort of on the fence before making this beer ( I’m excited to give it a go myself!). 

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Judy Garland and The Pilot, a romance

Since the first double-brew day was such a success, Michael and I decided to follow it up straight away with another! But this time, instead of brewing similar beers, we trekked off in separate directions. I brewed an amber ale, aiming for an amber liquid roughly the colour of my hair, while Michael sought to reproduce a much-beloved, but discontinued, Firestone Walker black rye IPA that we’ll never get to try otherwise.

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Duelling Pale Ales

An upcoming local pale ale competition was the perfect excuse to brew two competing pale ales! Michael and I went head to head, brewing two similar but distinct pale ales in one day. Jointly producing ~18 litres of by-the-book pale ale was an interesting decision on our part, considering that you’ll rarely catch either of us drinking a pale ale when we have a choice.

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The Janitor

I don’t usually go for saisons. Maybe it’s something about the yeast, but almost always, I’ll take a few sips, decide I would rather not, and then go get something else. Fully aware of my strong feelings on saisons, Michael brewed one about 6 weeks ago while I was overseas. However, in what I assure you came as a great surprise to both of us, I actually love it, and I’ve been keen to try my hand at a saison recipe ever since.

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Looking for Astronauts

My medium sized American heart was super excited to brew this DIPA recipe that Michael whipped up featuring Galaxy hops. In line with our working ‘brewery’ name, we have nicknamed this beer the ‘Astronaut’ as an homage to the beautiful, fragrant, passionfruit and melon scented Galaxy hops that drive the recipe.

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